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Proudly Sweep The Rainclouds

Proudly Sweep The Rainclouds

Sweeping' The Clouds Away is a hit song by Sam Coslow made famous by Maurice Chevalier in the all-star film Paramount On Parade. Coslow was born in New York City, and was contributing songs to Broadway revues when he was in his teens.

a bright,piercing star, standing proud,manifest its location is over you Holding many wonders, the beauty of the night comes with shooting stars, which at times shortly sweep over the heaven before fading. Wishes are made upon, hope fills their hearts, for a better future or a fulfilment of their desires, tangled up within the depth of mind.

Rainclouds Lyrics: Rain in the forest / Rain on the trees / Raining down on me / Rainclouds hide the sun / Rainclouds hide the sun / Clouds in the valley / Clouds in the sky / Clouds, please, pass me.

 · King of the Rainclouds Lyrics: Don't you know / He has a heart made of stones / Thats why the rainclouds follow him home / He has a house up high in the sky / .

Around the housetops sweep, And dream it is the shepherd boys,— They're driving home their sheep. The clouds move faster now; and see! The west is red and gold. Each sheep seems hastening to be The first within the fold. I watch them hurry on until The blue is clear and deep, And dream that far beyond the hill The shepherds fold their sheep.

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    Twenty songs on this Album are Les's own original material, the exceptions being "Rock & Roll Yodelling Song" which was arranged by Les. "Proudly Sweep The Rain Clouds" and "Wait For Me" (Traditional).

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