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Energy Leeches

Energy Leeches

 · Are stress and anxiety affecting your health? Does a lack of cash flow cause you to lose sleep at night? If you answered yes to any of these then you may have some Energy Leeches .

A martyr’s entire personality can easily become one big energy leech. If this sounds like you, then you need to speak up and start being more honest with those around you. After all, they can’t read your mind, even though you sometimes expect them to. Killing off energy leeches requires you to adjust your thinking or your actions (or both).Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

The friends nearby, however, are being robbed of their energy and will end up feeling tired, exhausted, and zapped. If this happens regularly or constantly, in the case of living with an energy leech, then your health may suffer. A car soon runs out when it is not fuelled, oiled, or maintained.

 · The energy leech is a form of alien wildlife from the Generation 1 continuity family. Millions of leeches. leeches for me. Energy leeches are nasty little nightcrawlers which are exactly what their name describes: giant leeches that feed on energy. They are known to inhabit planets populated by sentient robots, as they are quite good at sucking.

 · Energy leeches typically drain the bank account as well as your emotional energy so don’t be surprised when you suddenly have a new roommate without ever agreeing to it. They are usually a delight to have around the house at first, doing the dishes and cooking for you, until you start realizing you’re the only one paying the bills.

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  1. Shagal says:

     · An energy leech is a type of leech that attaches itself to your aura! They usually attach to you during stressful times, when you energy defenses are down. I have found that energy leeches can have devastating affects on a person's ted Reading Time: 4 mins.

  2. Vole says:

     · Since your energy body also has a type of immune system, when it becomes weak, Energy Leeches will attach themselves to your Energy Field. What causes the immune system of your Energy Field to weaken is stress, worry, fear, anxiety, tension, sadness, pain, or any other negative emotions that people often ted Reading Time: 6 mins.

  3. Shagar says:

    Energy Leech: One who does not care for you but brings you around for the sole purpose of studying you. Longing for the energy you exude to rub off on them. Envy. It’s a relationship a lot of us experience in the form of a “love”. (I made this term up during a heart to heart with a friend. Let me explain.).

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