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This Is sLowcore

This Is sLowcore

11 rows · sadcore. Slowcore is a sub-genre of alternative rock music defined by a uniformly slow .

Slowcore is generally characterized by downbeat melodies, slower tempos and minimalist arrangements. With its roots in the late s, it crystallized as a distinct genre in the early and mid s under the helm of critically acclaimed groups such as Galaxie , Codeine, and Red House Painters.

 · It’s slowcore in the sense that preservative-free, from-scratch cooking is “slow food”; the band takes their time to get everything right, sometimes dropping the tempo, but mostly refining their pop songwriting and focusing on beauty, rather than aggression.

this is it. this is the big hollywood slowcore album. a huge step up from down colorful hill in terms of length, but mostly in its insane production value. about an hour in, halfway thru 'mother,' you'll know that this is a fucking behemoth of an album. this is the michael bay film of slowcore. while it may be long, and not exactly *slow* at most points, this record hits the emotional nail on the head. it's crushing in Estimated Reading Time: 14 mins.

By delaying this, slowcore enacts frustration, doubt, and even fear of never being fulfilled, and it does so through intelligible musical language, by contrast with – say – jazz, which may also delay the resolution, teasingly, by exploring every other note, and often does so at the expense of straightforward emotions.

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  1. Dailmaran says:

     · Slowcore is a feeling that expresses itself in sombre slow burns with minimalist arrangements, or sometimes, not at all minimalist arrangements. Its wide-reaching arms encompass an exceptional breadth of music as its limited goals are redefined with unlimited ted Reading Time: 11 mins.

  2. Galabar says:

    Slowcore is a subgenre of alternative rock and indie rock. The music of slowcore artists is generally characterized by bleak lyrics, downbeat melodies, slower tempos and minimalist arrangements. Slowcore is often used interchangeably with the term tic origins: Indie rock, alternative rock, sadcore.

  3. Zolokus says:

     · The Slowcore Compilation by Various Artists, released 26 July 1. This Is History (Slowcore Intro) (4 BPM) 2. No Escape Even In Death (90 BPM) 3. My Inner Voice ( BPM) 4. Attention Please ( BPM) 5. End Of Days (Featuring Xmyrby on Guitars) ( BPM) 6. Doom for Ever ( Bpm) 7. Keeper of Nothing (80 BPM) 8. The Zone (99 BPM) 9.

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